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Green Juices

Affordable CO2 Capture Technologies
We have currently developed an indigenous technology for CO2 capture from atmospheric air. Here we are looking for funds for developing pilot project:

  • Plan to apply this idea on removing of CO2 from biogas.

  • Around ~35% of CO2 is formed in biogas, removal of this CO2 can lead to the clean combustion with less environmental issues. 

  • Working on converting of captured CO2 to hydrogen (H2). 



Applied CO2 fracturing technologies: 
We are building an advanced fracturing technology for the conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources as an alternate to hydraulic fracturing. The technology creates smooth fracture in different types of reservoirs without any chemicals. Currently were are in talks with:

  • Coal bed methane developing companies where the current technology can be applied for recovering more than 90% of methane.

  • Enhanced oil recovery companies

  • Geothermal reservoir fracturing companies

Underground Energy Storage in Earth and Space: 
Underground energy storage will be emerging as one of the major sectors on earth and space. Storing of CO2 and H2 will be emerging as major source of business in the coming future. Where the capturing and storing of CO2 leads to generation of CO2 credits by giving rise to other useful by-products. While producing of H2 with an ease of safe storage and recovery is another sector which has been gaining importance for the investment. Because of moon and mars colonization in future this sector of underground storage will again at most importance.

Space Exploration and Mining
We are developing a unique technology for the mining of precious asteroids in zero and microgravity conditions. In parallel, we have expertise on developing unique technologies required for geo physical and chemical studies of planets. The current status of technology needs one year of R & D before commercialization.

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